Other Blog Links

The Book Lover’s Sanctuary: reviews of books with a Young Adult focus, especially around the time of the Carnegie Medal;

The Book Lover’s Musings: thoughts and comments, generally based on language and language use.

Hunting English: An English teacher on the hunt for great teaching and learning strategies – connecting with peers to share and collaborate.

English Chat UK: twitter based blog sharing ideas on English teaching and literacy.

Every Monday at 8pm English Tweachers from around the UK get together to share, celebrate and inspire.

Reflections of my Teaching

Thinking out aloud, reflecting and sharing thoughts about my teaching. @davidfawcett27

Learning Spy

Brain Food For The Thinking Teacher

Geoff Barton: ubiquitous and omnipresent!

I’ll use this site to make occasional links to notable or unexpected articles about language, literacy or, er, life. It’s intended chiefly as a repository of interesting writing for students of A-level English Language and teachers of English. My website with free resources for English teachers and literacy coordinators is at geoffbarton.co.uk

Reflections of a Learning Geek

This Teaching Malarkey

my aim is to share my thoughts and experiences in the coming months and years on being in the classroom and the impact of being a teacher more generally.

Miss Lud

I have been blogging about my ideas, thoughts, successful and unsuccessful lessons over the past year. My interests lie in all things teaching and learning.

Scenes From The Battleground

I am a teacher who has worked in several tough secondary schools. I love teaching, and I am particularly keen to teach students in deprived areas where education can really make a difference. However, I am utterly dissatisfied with how British schools, and indeed the entire education system is run. I see schools as systematically failing those who need them most. This blog is a record of how I see education in the UK.

David Crystal: linguist, grammarian and dude!


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